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real coach bag serial number

real coach bag serial number. It begins This is a Coach bag . Please note real patches can appear on fake bags. Coach handbags feature a serial number on the inside patch. Serial number on the credo patch is stamped, not printed in ink. 3. A real Coach bag will never have the C print on the outside and inside. 4. Made in China is  The authentic Coach logo is two Cs facing each other in a mirror image. serial number, which should be located inside the bag on a leather tag. Older Coach bags consist of 8 numbers with a dash between the 3rd and 4th  This guide will first dispel many myths of buying Real Coach Bags on eBay. creed patch on the inside that contains the serial number and/or style number. List of fake coach handbag serial numbers I am part Madison coach purse cheap of a team who is competing for a do are increasingly aware that the real culprits are the extravagantly paid CEO s and gang on Wall Street. Coach did not begin issuing serial numbers until the 70s. Authentic Coach Signature bags have the “CC” design perfectly centered and facing each other   If you want to buy a real coach bag, you canvisit to Retailshopwhere you may . the situation of authentic coach handbags and serial number, please allowme to  COACH OUTLET ONLINES SELL COUNTERFEIT COACH BAGS. One thing may be off so we tried to get the serial number verified and were told If it s this difficult to confirm an authentic Coach bag, does it really matter if it s real or not

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