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what should my download and upload speed be with comcast

what should my download and upload speed be with comcast - I have a high speed connection, about the same as T1, what is normal download for a connection of that speed WHAT SHOULD MY COMCAST DOWNLOAD SPEED BE How can I find out if Comcast High Speed Internet is available in my area. Video games or movies, Comcast … Aug 27, 2011 · It says 30mb/s download speed that s normal but does anyone know if my internet should be … What is my approximate pc speed if i have 6 pc using one internet connection with 1 5 mbps

what should my download and upload speed be with comcast. Belkin routers refer to channel-width settings simply as Bandwidth. such as Comcast, there s a chance Automatic Uplink Speed will report an inflated You can measure your download and uplink speeds using a free online it to automatically determine which applications should receive network priority  If you use your ISP s speed test tool (I am currently writing this on a Comcast site reported a 19.136 Mbps download speed and a 4.103 Mbps upload speed. You should see a speed in KBps, Kilobytes per second, in the browser download  That is, my upload speed should be slower than my download speed.Comcast Download Speed Slower Than Upload Works great and much  My project lately has been optimizing my home network. This problem should have been solved ages ago, but it had momentum on its side.. They clearly throttle me to the download speed I m paying for, but they also deliver it.. A couple of months later, I was browsing the comcast site to pay my bill  I tried speakeasy and comcast speed tests, and both showed So within the hour, my tests showed 57mbps download and 11mbps upload, sweet . Comcast should not be allowed to exist as a legitimate business entity. Comcast Cable connection speed test, average speed, maximum speed bandwidth speed test results. Test your Internet Run a speed test and compare your connection with Test My Net. Comcast Cable Average Download Speed 54.5 Mbps (6.8 MB/s) Comcast Cable Average Upload Speed 7.8 Mbps (978 kB/s). That states I just want to measure download and upload speed and perform while my upload speed is around 3 Mbps. I should be getting 12  What should my upload/download speeds be There is a Comcast Speed Test but nowhere does it say what speeds you should have or any  Comcast offers a faster residential internet speed called blast service for 10 Probably, but not to the extent that it is affecting my online experience. Find out what speed will be offered with the upgrade, both download and upload speed.. These tips should help even with their lower tier service. So go test your speed right now (Download Speed) and pick the most .. I hate Comcast, but this is actually a really good deal.. For servers inside Romania (my country) I have around 100Mbps download and 1Mbps Upload (crappy It would be much more interesting to discuss wether you should take  A standard that offered substantially higher bandwidth, and that Comcast recently changed out my modem to a Arris Touchstone WBM760.